Our Compass

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the largest and most profitable independent paper merchant in Canada.

Mission Statement

It is West World Paper’s mission to use our passion for success to provide our market with creative solutions and exceptional customer service. We aim to be the easiest company with which to do business by consistently operating in a transparent environment of trust with our customers, our suppliers, our employees, and our community.

Sustainability Statement

West World Paper will at all times endeavour to buy, sell, and use products with sound operating practices to promote a sustainable paper industry and a greener planet for future generations.

Our Core Values

Service We will always use our passion and creativity to make West World Paper the most service oriented and easiest company to do business with in our industry.

Transparency West World Paper will always operate in an open and transparent environment for our customers, suppliers and our employees.

Innovation West World Paper will always strive to make innovative and forward thinking decisions for the benefit of the market we serve and all our stakeholders.