Uncoated Papers

West World Paper offers a wide range of uncoated sheets that will fit any print project.

We stock a wide range of basis weights and sizes to suit any project, from catalogues to heavy business cards. All our uncoated papers are environmentally sustainable because every single sheet is FSC Certified; in addition we carry several uncoated paper options that contain post-consumer waste fibre. Please contact us to learn more about our uncoated sheet offering.

Finch Fine

The cost-cutting alternative to premium text and covers.
Featuring an Ultra Smooth surface, 98 brightness and superior formation, Finch Fine is simply the best value for all types of colour printing.

98 Bright  |  FSC Certified  |  10% PCW  |  Elemental Chlorine Free

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Finch Opaque

Offers trusted runability with sizes, weights, and environmental benefits.

96 Bright  |  FSC Certified

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Premium Opaque

Soporset Premium Opaque is a paper specially developed to provide printers with the best of both worlds: quality and value. With a 97 brightness and high opacity, Soporset guarantees vivid colours, superior image quality, and sharp contrast results.

97 Bright  |  FSC Certified

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Envirographic 100

Envirographic 100 is a uncoated fine paper made with 100% post consumer recycled material that is designed to reduce the environmental footprint of paper usage. This environmentally friendly paper delivers consistent quality that prints as well as non-recycled paper.

92 Bright  |  FSC Certified  |  Processed Chlorine Free

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New Leaf Ingenuity

100% PCW Recycled
Sets the new standard for premium uncoated sheets, with exceptional ink holdout, a sublime smooth surface, and consistent side to side reproduction. Printers also appreciate Ingenuity for its fast drying time and exceptional post-press performance, saving both time and money.

96 Bright  |  FSC Certified  |  Green-e Certified  |  100% PCW  |  Processed Chlorine-Free  |  Super Smooth  |  Balanced Bright White Shade

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New Leaf Paper