West World Paper 2016 Christmas Cards

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The holiday season is a time to cherish our families and appreciate all that we have. It’s about more than gifts – it’s about the feeling behind the season. And to that end, we at West World Paper wanted to put that feeling behind the season – the sense of joy and wonder – into our Christmas cards. For the second year in a row now, we’ve asked the children of our employees to create the artwork for our cards. We couldn’t think of a more meaningful way to bring the West World Paper family a little bit closer to your family.

Last year was the first year we produced these kid-created cards and they were so warmly received that we were excited to do so again this year! Our customers commented that they felt more connected to us via seeing the holiday season through our children’s eyes. As you know, our tagline is “Your Local Independent Paper Merchant.” Having our children do the artwork for the West World Paper Christmas cards shows you that our family is made up of local families in your community and that we’re invested in you – our friends and neighbours. We support local businesses and charities and one of the ways we accomplish this is through using direct mail. By printing our Christmas cards on North American paper through a local printing company, we’re giving back to our community, while giving you the pleasure of receiving a high quality piece of artwork in the mail!

The sense of joy and wonder extends to the feeling we get when we receive direct mail. Sappi has presented extensive work on ‘the haptic brain’ and shown that touch conveys meaning. We’re hardwired in our brains for our emotions and decision making to be influenced by the materials that we touch. Sappi talks about the endowment effect, and how when we hold something in our hands, especially higher quality tactiles, we feel more connected to what we’re holding and what that item represents. Concert tickets feel more valuable in your hands than in those of a co-worker, they say, as an analogy. We’re applying this principle in using Sappi’s 120# McCoy Silk Cover paper for our Christmas cards. We think that you deserve the best of the best and that’s the service we offer each and every one of our customers, from small local offices to large companies with multi-million dollar sales revenues. You deserve to be treated like family by our family. In using Sappi’s McCoy Silk and the artwork created by our employees’ children, we’re giving you a tactile example of how much we value you, at Christmas and all year round.

Happy holidays, from our family to yours.