Soporset Premium Opaque

Soporset Premium Opaque

Eucalyptus tree  

Eucalyptus evokes images of soothing scents and happy koalas munching leaves. But did you know that the Eucalyptus tree is a valuable paper resource with numerous environmental advantages?

We’re delighted to share with you the story behind one of the premium opaque papers available, The Navigator Company’s Soporset Premium Opaque.

Why eucalyptus? The big advantage is the Eucalyptus globulus fibres which are highly regarded by experts around the world as the ideal fibre for printing and writing paper. Eucalyptus globulus has a thicker cell when compared to North American short fibres wall providing higher stiffness, bulk and dimensional stability to the paper.

There are also solid environmental advantages that make eucalyptus preferable to traditional fibres.

  • Its rapid growth makes for highly efficient carbon dioxide retention and countering of the greenhouse effect.
  • The leaves are highly efficient at retaining and using water, rather like camels. Eucalyptus doesn’t rely on groundwater for transpiration.
  • The water efficiency also means that eucalyptus produces more fibre and more wood from the same quantity of water than other species.
  • Eucalyptus trees have no sterilizing effect on its grounds. In fact, 80% of the mineral salts used up from the soil are returned to the land from bark and leaves which seasonally fall to the ground.
  • Research has shown that eucalyptus can be cultivated on a site for a century with no undesirable effects.

The Navigator Company is a fully integrated paper mill where the production process is controlled from start to finish. They use the best raw materials, state of the art technology and know-how to produce the many competitive advantages of Soporset Premium Opaque.
Fitting with our core values of sustainability, we at West World Paper are proud to provide The Navigator Company’s Soporset Premium Opaque made from the Eucalyptus globulus tree.