As a paper merchant, our core business is servicing the commercial print market in Western Canada

West World Paper offers a wide range of printing papers, paperboard products, office papers, envelopes, wide format media, packaging & janitorial products.

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West World Paper acquires Fishers Paperboard

Fishers Paperboard has been providing high quality, sustainable paperboard products and converting services for over 50 years.


Support for Local Market

We believe that supporting local businesses is essential in today’s economy.

Support for Local Suppliers

We put money back to our local economy by supporting local accountants, bankers, insurance brokers, merchants, and service providers.

Local Decision Makers

Decisions are made locally by ownership who live in the market we serve and will feel the impact of those decisions.

Creation of Local Jobs

We create local jobs locally. We do not outsource jobs to a head office outside of our community.